Dr Kavita A Sharma


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Published Articles

Part of the Edited Volumes

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Published in Journals

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Seminar, Conferences and Discussions

  • " The Art and the Artist: Web of Life in Mandra" National Seminar on Dr. S. L. Bhyrappa's work in January 2012.
  • “The Multiple Loci of Evil and Individual Responsibility in Mahabharata" Sahitya Akademi Seminar "The Idea of the Demonic in the Indian Tradition" Mumbai September 2011.
  • "Legitimacy, sexuality and Pursuit of Power in Parva" at a Sahitya Akademi Seminar Kurus Our Contemporaries; The Relevance of the Mahabharata held at Dharamshala, August 2011.
  • Ethical Dilemmas in Mahabharat : at Jaya Utsav Symposium on the Living Traditions of Mahabharata, 10-16 February 2011, IGNCA
  • "Knowing through Dreams; the War of Mahabharata," at th Sahitya Akademi Seminar on Dreamcatchers; Literature, Creativity and Analysis at Udaipur, December 2010.
  • "The Speaking Forests and the Cosmic Order in Mahabharata" at Sahitya Akademi Seminar "Imagined World: Fantasy, Science Fiction and other forms of the Marvellous in Indian Literature held at Goa, March 2010.
  • On "Affirmative Action - the Caste and Class Conflicts" at the University of the Western Cape Nov. 2008. Article published in : Equity and Education in India : Policy, Issues and Challenges, Edited by D. Parimala, Kanishka, 2010
  • "Religious Minorities and Affirmative Action" University of Pittsburgh April 2009.
  • "Education and Power" University of Cincinnati April 2009.
  • "Equity in Higher Education: Widening the Concept of Access in India" at the Beijing Normal University in October 2008.
  • "Access and Equity in Higher Education" at the Graduate School of Business, University of KwaZulu Natal in November 2008 and at University of Ghana in December 2008.
  • “The Politics of Mandal Implementation of Reservation Policy” in the Annual Meeting Programme of the American Educational Research Association, Washington March 24, 2008.
  • "Efficacy of Quotas in Indian Model of Equity and Possible Alternatives" Durban University of Technology in November 2008 University of Western Cape,Nov. 2008
  • ·
  • Role of Women Educators" – Country Inn, Jim Corbett Park, Uttaranchal. (from January 13-15, 2006).


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Dr Kavita A Sharma
Dr Kavita A Sharma